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Program Duration: 122 min.

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General Admission – $12.00
Senior/Student/Military – $10.00
Member rate – $9.00

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Boca de Fogo

Dir. Luciano Perez Fernandez
(Brazil, 9 min., Portuguese w/ English subtitles)
In the city of Salgueiro, in the heartland of Pernambuco, Brazil resides, Boca de Fogo, a rapid-fire and vivid sports commentator, completely unique from the rest of his peers.


Cor de Pele

Dir. Livia Pereni
(Brazil, 16 min., Portuguese w/ English subtitles)
Kauan, an 11-year-old boy with albinism, describes in a playful, spontaneous way his day-to-day routine and the way he breaks barriers and inserts himself in the abundant black local culture of his hometown despite his condition’s limitations.


Finding Shelter

Dir. Marissa Chibas
(USA, 28 min., English)
FINDING SHELTER, follows one of the girls whom stories inspired the play SHELTER, which focuses on the stories of young people making the trek in search of refuge in the United States.


The Last Harvest: You Can’t Grow Without Change

Dir. Alexis Spraic
(USA, 20 min., English, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Critical labor shortages are forcing farmers to abandon valuable crops. Hear from affected communities and the unsung heroes who grow our food.


Recuerdo que te quiero

Dir. Monica Velasco
(Mexico, 19 min., Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Josefina and Don Fer have been married for 63 years and both are losing their memory at their own pace, but their relationship seems to be intact.


Refuge in the Rockies

Dir. Kaio Kathriner
(Canada, 12 min., English)
Anderson Losada was 8 years old when he lost his leg to a landmine in Colombia. As a refugee, he was resettled in a small Canadian ski town which opened his eyes to the world of para-alpine skiing.


This Side Has Dreams Too

Dir. Randall Christopher
(USA, 16 min., Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Mexican artist, Enrique Chiu, is painting the longest mural in the world on the border wall separating Mexico and the United States.


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Screenings to take place at AMC Fashion Valley 18 & MACSD’s very-own Digital Gym CINEMA North Park.